Amazing transformation – Guy proudly shows off his loose skin after loosing 180 pounds


Obese young man turned fitness guru,John David Glaude has been showing off his amazing transformation on Instagram .According to him, it’s all thanks to fitness and no surgery was involved and he is proud of his loose skin. He wrote

 ..I understand that when most people see this picture, the first thing they notice is my “loose skin” That’s completely understandable! Loose skin is interesting to me, because so many people are afraid of it, or they have it and are ashamed of it.
Now, do I have days where I struggle with it? Absolutely! I will always say that I enjoy my life SO MUCH more now that I have this “loose skin” compared to when I was obese. I truly didn’t feel like I was living, just existing when I was 360 pounds.

Does EVERYONE feel like that? I can’t say! All I can say and speak on is my experience! Personally I see my loose skin as a battle scar!

This loose skin can tell my journey of losing 180 pounds without me speaking a word! The point of this post is to show you guys that loose skin is NOTHING to be afraid of! Do I feel like I need to “cut it off”?


No, I personally am able to live a perfectly normal life dealing with it! Again, I understand that everyone’s journey is different, and I see NOTHING wrong with someone getting surgery on their loose skin! Remember, transformation happens one rep at a time, and with enough determination and commitment we can all go from #obesetobeast!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


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