Perv Alert! Meet the 63-year-old HIV Positive Man Who R*ped a 6-year-old Boy With Another Man Recording It

An old man has been brought to book and made to pay after being found out to have s*xually harassed a little boy.

Ira Task
Ira Task, an HIV-positive man has admitted that he r*ped a 6-year-old boy while another man recorded it. He has been ordered to pay $88 million at a civil trial in Dauphin County for committing the act.
According to ABC 27 News, the 63-year-old man, of Harrisburg, was ordered to pay $38 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages.
Ben Andreozzi, of Andreozzi and Associates, said it’s believed to be the largest civil award ever in Dauphin County.
“This jury decided to send a message of deterrence, that if you rape a child, you’re going to lose everything,” Andreozzi said.
Task in March pleaded guilty in Cumberland County Court to r*pe of a child and other sexual abuse charges. He was ordered in June to serve 17-and-a-half to 40 years in state prison.
“We’ll recover whatever portion of that 88 million that we’re able and we’ll make sure that it gets into a trust account for the victim,” Andreozzi said.
Prosecutors said Task and a North Middleton Township man, William Byers Augusta, r*ped the child at Task’s home. Task told authorities he has been HIV-positive since 1994, and he admitted to giving the boy an inhalant used to intensify a sexual experience.
Byers Augusta also pleaded guilty and is scheduled for sentencing next week.

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