Internet GEEK Named ‘PHILIBERT’ Allegedly SUICIDE BOMBS His Ex-Girlfriend’s House



Police claim that 31-year-old Carl Philibert, an immigrant man from Haiti, tried to kill his ex-girlfriend by driving his car – loaded with four propane tanks – into her apartment on the Fourth of July, causing an explosion.

Luckily his ex and her family were able to escape through a back door. No one else was injured, but all eight units in the building were damaged.

According to reports, Philibert was upset that the couple was breaking up – and decided to get revenge.

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  • Edwige Cooper

    About Carl philibert
    The woman hi went after was a xwife who took all money for 5 years and had a relationship with an other man for 8 years name james. Carl worked 12 hours every day every time I called him his at work Just trying to please her. There’s massages about her wanted him to move to fort Pierce to work the relationship out, Carl said you sure she said. He slept in her apt for 3 weeks oh I forgot to tell u she has 5 kids n a grandson she’s over 40 years old. Those older women knows how to play theses young man mind out there. the apt she stayed in he was paying for it too. 4th of July he saw the man James comes out the apt. It trigger everything inside because he was thinking about all the money and time. there’s was an other man that was talk to her every time Carl went to work when they first got married 12.12.15. they call him smayel. She played a good game