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13 Lamest Break-Up Excuses of All-Time


For the record, if someone cheats on you, it's totally okay to break up with this person.

But if someone does one of the things or says one of the things listed below?

To certain people, per Reddit, these also qualify as totally okay reasons to break up with someone.

But scroll down to see if you agree…

1. I Was Tired!

I was tired
What else was I supposed to do?!?

2. So… She Had Anger Issues?

So she had anger issues
If that’s the case, perhaps just chalk it up to “anger issues” instead.

3. For Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!

For shame
That actually is annoying. But a relationship-ender? Really?!?

4. Look Anywhere Else!

Look anywhere else
I’m begging you.

5. There’s a Lot to Unpack Here

Theres a lot to unpack here
On both sides. We’re just gonna move on.

6. YouTube?

More like Stop Being Such a Boob, right?!?

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