23 Year Old Girl Tries To STAB Boyfriend – Is SHOT & KILLED!!

A beautiful 23 yr old woman named Amber Greenidge and her boyfriend got into a deadly fight, police say that she him & he shot her. 

Unfortunately he won, and she died at the scene. The boyfriend, Christian Neal, 22, of Hampton Virginia was transported to a hospital for his stab wound. 

Police are now charging Christian with murder. As you can see in below screenshots, the couple was in the military together – and had an unhealthy relationship. 

On Amber’s page, you see a LOT of references of her killing him or him killing her… very disturbing. 

Here are screenshots from Amber’s social media pages:


According to a preliminary investigation by police, both victims lived together. They became involved in a verbal argument that turned physical.

At some point during the altercation, Neal was stabbed and then Greenidge was shot.

The exact motive and circumstance surrounding this incident are still unknown.

Here are more pics of the couple:


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