Kevin Bacon may be a model of career longevity in Hollywood these days, but it wasn’t always easy for the star to stay positive. After the 1984 smash hit, Footloose, Bacon began what he described in an interview with The Telegraph as “a long, slow, steady decline.” While many fans see that iconic dancing role as the launching pad for Bacon’s long and enduring career, he sees it differently. “You can’t really say my career started to take off after Footloose,” he said. “Because it didn’t. My career started going down the toilet.”

In the years following Footloose, Bacon was the star in several major box office flops, including Quicksilver, She’s Having a Baby and Criminal Law. These failures led Bacon to some serious doubts about his career, but he struggled on, taking whatever roles he could get. After accepting a role in Tremors, Bacon admits to breaking down one afternoon, falling to the ground and crying to his wife, “I can’t believe I’m doing a movie about underground worms!” But those worms helped. Though the film only saw modest success in the theaters, the humor and throwback quality of Tremors helped spur it on to become a major cult classic.


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