Panther star Boseman has a new admirer. We up in his . Chadwick posted the above on Instagram yesterday, and immediately Amara slid up in his DMs. Then she then left a comment to make SURE that he got the message.

Chadwick has been with his girlfriend officially for a few years. Although there are rumors that Chadwick may wanna change his name to Chad-community-dick.

We are sure that his girlfriend’s sister will not be too happy. She’s already had to check a fan on Instagram who wished that he would hook up with Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o. She won’t be happy about the reality television star shooting her shot in public.

And what about her rumored bae, Usher? We wonder how he feels about Amara La Nera sliding into those DMs? Is she tired of the “Yeah” singer already? This cannot be good for their new relationship.

It could all be perfectly harmless. Maybe she wants Chadwick to star in her next music video. But since the huge success of the movie – his price has likely increased significantly, and we can imagine that he’ll be booked for some time to come.

Take a look at Amara’s comment below.


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