Audrey Roloff is pregnant with her first child!

The Little People, Big World star is expecting a girl with husband Jeremy Roloff in September of 2017 and she has taken fans on a fun, special, blessed journey via social media ever since making this announcement.

Below, we've collected a number of Audrey Roloff baby bump photos, as we keep track of the status of her belly and count down along with other followers to the day when she becomes a mother.

We can't wait.

1. The Announcement

The announcement
Audrey broke the very exciting news to Little People, Big World this cute photo. (There’s a baby bump back there, we swear!)

2. At 13 Weeks

At 13 weeks
Audrey is just past her first trimester in this photo. And she’s positively glowing.

3. It’s a Girl!

Its a girl
Roloff shared this beautiful photo to alert the world to her child’s gender.

4. Halfway Home!

Audrey roloff baby bump
Audrey is at 20 weeks here.

5. And Away It Goes

Audrey roloff pregnant pic
Or away it GROWS perhaps we should say.

6. At 20 Weeks

At 20 weeks
She’s halfway there, folks!

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