: The city has FINALLY been neutralized. The coward committed – he blew himself up – when he realized police were on his tail.

The bomber, described as a 24-year-old male, killed himself and injured an officer when he detonated a bomb inside his car as police approached.

American has been UNDER ATTACK from White Terrorists – ever since Donald Trump was elected into office. This Austin Bombing case is just the LATEST White Supremacisst case.

Officers say they are not looking for any more suspects, but they are worried that the bomber may have sent more packages.Police say they do not known where the bomber has been for the last 24 hours.

Two people were killed and six injured in a series of bombings that left Austin gripped in fear and stoked racial divisions in the city.

The bomber had targeted black and Hispanic neighborhoods. The first two victims came from prominent African American families while the third was Hispanic.

Police still do not know the motive behind the attacks, but say the suspect was not previously known to law enforcement.