The way that Arie Luyendyk Jr. came crawling back to Lauren Burnham was particularly shocking to viewers because the pair didn’t exactly seem to hit it off. The blonde from Virginia failed to make much of an impression during her time on the show — in fact, according to Vulture, she only had 94 lines of speech in total from start to finish! She became known for her lack of conversation during what were, quite frankly, some pretty boring dates with Luyendyk. To make matters worse, the few times she did manage to string more than a few sentences together, she was something of a downer.

“My parents have been together for over 30 years now, but they haven’t had an easy marriage and I’ve been put between them throughout their struggles and that warped my view of men in general and relationships,” she told the man she apparently wanted to marry according to Vulture‘s list. Quite the sales pitch! While he did admit that there were some “awkward” moments during their dates, Luyendyk was quick to come to his fiancée’s defense while speaking with Glamour, revealing that some of their best moments wound up on the cutting room floor.

“On some of the dates, there were some really cute moments that I’ll always remember that weren’t on TV,” Luyendyk said. “That’s normal because they have to edit it and make it entertaining, so a lot of the time the drama wins over the romance… The way the Bachelor dates are shown, it is really a summary of the date.”


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