Beyonce: Jay Z Cheated On Me with a MEDIOCRE WHITE B*TCH


Beyonce went OFF this weekend, and spilled some of her own tea. Ever since Lemonade – we all knew that Jay Z cheated on his wife Beyonce. Well now Bey is spilling some more tea.

Beyonce admitted this weekend, that Jay Z had been cheating on her with what she calls a “desperate, mediocre, White b*tch.” She spilled the tea in the middle of a song.

Beyonce has never been so vocal and open about Jay’s side chick. Now she feels comfortable letting loose.

And her fans were somewhat shocked by Beyonce’s frankness. Look at Kim Kardashian’s face when she hears that Beyonce called the side chick a “mediocre Wh*te b*tch.”

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