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Big Brother Recap: Is Mark Jansen’s Fate Sealed?


With Elena and Cody out of the house, the only one left to take on the other houseguests is Mark. He, himself, knows fine well that he’s the only big target remaining. 

Winning the HOH competition was the only way for him to actually secure his safety and send one of the others out of the game, but unfortunately for him, he was eliminated early on. 

Mark Jansen

It wound up being between Paul and Christmas to win, and Paul knew he was safe, so he threw it to his ally who was put up week one and allowed her to start getting revenge. 

Paul’s reasoning to throw it to his ally was that he knew there was a possibility that Christmas would not get to compete in the next HOH competition. 

While that was enough for Christmas to say she would nominate Mark after the veto, Alex opened up about it being time to take Kevin out. 

Kevin Schlehuber

He was the one who was trying to broker deals with Cody just days ago, so she knew he was not to be trusted, and he could create some sort of uprising and save Mark. 

The paranoia went into overdrive when Kevin said he had met Derrick before. That was enough for Alex because Kevin has claimed all season long that he did not know anything about the game. 

The houseguests have had to fill in the blanks for him on multiple occasions, so it’s becoming clear to them that he’s not as clueless as he implied. 

It’s difficult to understand what was going through Kevin’s head when he dropped that nugget of information on Alex. She was against him before hearing, and now she is practically gunning for him. 

Alex OW

Alex turned to those closest to her and said he must be a cop because he knows a little too much about the crime scene. While that would be an excellent twist, Kevin has not said anything in the diary room about it. 

When Alex told Jason to cut making deals with him, Kevin barged in and enquired why Alex was being so sketchy with him. 

“When you ask me what you can eat, it drives me insane,” Alex yelled out of the blue. 

After that argument, Jason found out that his wife was pregnant at home, and the rest of the houseguests were so happy for him. 

Josh and Christmas started strategizing and noted that Alex and Jason were not as loyal as they first implied to them and they know it’s time to take them out. 

Josh Martinez

“Alex and Jason are playing really good, and they’re really good liars,” Josh says.

With the scheming in full swing, Big Brother then released the Tree of Temptation twist on the house. Whomever finds themselves close to the DR when the apple lights up allows the houseguest to take an apple. 

The powers up for grabs are “Save a Friend,” “Can’t Play in Next HOH,” “Bounty on Your Head,” “Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes,” or “Second Veto.”

Mark rushed in and won the “Save a Friend” power, and in a terrible move, he chose to save Paul. It was a boring exchange after that and Christmas ultimately nominated Matt and Jason. 

Christmas Abbott

Is this the most boring season of Big Brother yet? It sure seems that way. 

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