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Big Brother Recap: Who Became Jurors?


Tensions in the Big Brother house have been boiling over for weeks on end now, and with a double eviction looming, the drama got crazier. 

When the latest episode got underway, we got to see Josh attempt to move the target from Cody to Elena. He sneakily whispered in Cody’s ear that he was trying to save Jessica last week. 

Cody does not seem to care, but Josh causes some drama, anyway. 

Another Fight In Big Brother

In the kitchen, Josh asks Cody if Mark and Elena tried to align with him when he returned to the game.  Cody says that was not the case, and Paul claims to Mark that it was the reassurance he needed in order to trust him again. 

Elena, however, did not get off so easily and Josh lashed out at her for going wherever the power is. Elena claimed she was not a liar and they had it all wrong. 

That was all Alex needed to chime in with her thoughts and reiterate to everyone that Elena is, indeed, a liar. Alex was salty because of her being made camp guide after Elena said she would not give her a punishment. 

Alex OW

While all of the bickering was going on, Cody sat out back, giggling away like a little school girl. Was the target on him getting smaller?

When it came to the eviction speeches, Elena mumbled her way through an extra long one, and I still have no idea what she said. 

Cody went for the jugular, saying that Alex and Jason wanted to make an alliance with him to take out Raven and Paul. 

Matt claimed he still had more bowls of cereal to eat inside the house and it would be a travesty to take him out. Are these people even planning on playing the game?!

  • Paul votes to evict: Cody 
  • Mark votes to evict: Cody 
  • Kevin votes to evict: Cody 
  • Josh votes to evict: Cody 
  • Raven votes to evict: Cody
  • Jason votes to evict: Cody
  • Christmas votes to evict: Cody
Cody Nickson

Cody was evicted by a vote of 7-0-0 and made a quick getaway over the coffee table. He did not say his goodbyes. He was done with everyone inside the house, and they knew it. Somebody even called him a “tool” on his way out the door. 


The houseguests then moved on to the HOH competition, and it was a classic elimination-style game. 

  • Round 1: Matthew vs Josh – Matthew eliminated 
  • Round 2: Mark vs Elena – Elena eliminated
  • Round 3: Christmas vs Josh – Josh eliminated
  • Round 4: Mark vs Raven – Raven eliminated 
  • Round 5: Kevin vs Christmas – Kevin eliminated
  • Round 6: Mark vs Jason – Mark eliminated 
  • Round 7: Christmas vs Paul – Paul eliminated 
  • Round 8: Christmas vs Jason – Christmas eliminated

Jason wins!

Jason Dent

As expected, Mark and Elena were thrown up on the block together. Josh started bullying them live on air and shouting “Bye” at them. He really is a bully, and it’s crazy the producers do not get him out. 

Mark wins the POV competition, and Matt is sent up to sit next to Raven. 

Every houseguest aside from Mark chooses to evict Elena, meaning she is the second member of the jury. 

Mark Jansen

Poor Mark was left alone in the house, but with Matt and Raven being the sole showmance remaining, look for them to be targeted next alongside Mark. 

Matt and Raven did compete in the POV competition, but it seemed like they wanted Mark to win to keep the target on him. 

We closed out the episode with Julie announcing Derrick Levasseur would return on tonight’s special episode. 

Elena Davies

With the live feeds down all day today, we have no idea what to expect. 

What did you think of the double eviction spectacular?

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