What’s better than the majority alliance being left in the game after multiple failed attempts to get them out?

Zingbot returning to unleash his rage on the houseguests, of course!

Zingbot Is Back!

When the episode gets underway, Mark knows he is the target after Christmas leave him off the block, so he knows the only way for him to stay in the game is to win the veto competition. 

While Kevin wants the backup target to be Matt, Christmas and Josh note that Jason would be the next big thing because they are not sure where his loyalty really lies. 

Christmas and Josh chatted with Mark and basically told him that although he is the target, they have a lot of respect for him. Mark notes that he aligned with the wrong people. 

Josh Martinez

Josh is quick to point out that Elena is part of the reason he is a target and that if he cut her off sooner, he would have had a better shot of making it further. 

Obviously, this made Mark reflect on his feelings for Elena, and he cried in the diary room about trying his best to make it work with her. Unfortunately, it seems like he is over her, and that may be a good thing. 

When he gets home and watches the season back, he’s probably going to feel like he’s been played and that’s not going to be a nice feeling. 

Paul meets up with Christmas and Josh, and they solidify their status as final three, and they said that taking Kevin and Raven with them would be the best foot forward. 

Christmas Abbott

Paul reveals that they can use Alex to get Matt out and then Raven or one of their own to take Alex out. In short, they have the whole game planned out. 

But will it work in their favor? 

Mark, Paul, and Raven are chosen to play in the power of veto, but Christmas was the one who chooses Raven. This sends an immediate shockwave through Jason and Alex as they wonder whether Christmas is gearing up to double cross them. 

Paul Abrahamian

President Zingbot makes his way inside the house and doles out some zings to the houseguests. 

Here are the zings:

  • “Mark, I think you might be bye-sexual because every time you tried to get sexual with Elena, she said…Bye.”
  • “Alex, I see you’ve been forced to carry around a ton of dead weight. Or as I like to call it…Jason.”
  • “Oh, poor Raven. You got the Clown-itard. This is the worst punishment ever. Oh wait, that’s just your…face.”
  • “Josh, my heart goes out to you. You’ve shed so many tears this summer. Too bad you can’t shed any…weight.”
  • “Paul, last season you taught me so much like how to have friendship, how to be pissed and how to lose…half a million dollars.” 
  • “Matt, congrats on making it so far in the game, especially since the only thing you’ve done is…Raven.” 
  • “Kevin, I hear you like to use Saran wrap to preserve your youth. Newsflash…too freaking late.”
  • “Alex, what do you call someone with bleach blonde hair, likes to wear cat ears and handles lots of wieners…a [BLEEP]. (I believe he called her a hooker.)”
  • Christmas got an entire Christmas carol about her foot. 
Jason Dent

When it came to the veto competition, it was the slip ‘n’ slide one, and Jason emerged with the win in an unsurprising move. 

He saved himself from the block and Mark was put up as the replacement nominee. 

And the most boring, predictable season of Big Brother continues!


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