Recently there was news that a put hands on his baby’s . Well, now we got some details on what went down.

Oh, and we’re gonna make it a – cause we’re not trying to get anyone in any legal trouble.

Here’s what we were told:

[Babys moms] has been over [The Rapper] for the last year. That’s why there was no Halloween photo-op. She been doing her—in the best/worst way. With guys within his own circle. Guys he might’ve done music with. Men that might be perceived as better than him musically or just a higher platform.

She wanted to hurt his ass—like how he been doing her whether emotionally/physically/financially. So, she f*cked dude. It’s crazy because either [Baby’s moms] totally didn’t/doesn’t care anymore because she did the deed with with someone close. She wanted to hurt his ass bad & I can’t blame her at all.

But more, she was in LA—with a with the guy prior to the incident in early March. The guy that made [The Rapper] flip his sh*t was someone in the industry

She stated that if [The Rapper] knew she was one in LA & two with the other guys—he would kill her assss—now I’m not sure the tone or emotion for the last statement. But it was stated.


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