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Boyfriend SHOOTS Girlfriend In Head 3 TIMES . . . Then Ran Over Her With HIS CAR!!


A 21 year olf woman from Albany NY was killed in the ost BRUTAL fashion imaginabe. Nahjayyah Daise, 21, was shot and killed by her ex- while driving down a busy Albany street.

Police have charge 22 year-old Larnell Kennedy with the shooting death of Nahjayyah – his ex-. According to officers he shot her her as they drove.

Police say that Larnell then from the scene on foot, attempted to cross nearby Interstate 90 and was killed when a hit him.

But the manner in which he killed Nahjayyah was particularly disturbing.  Larnell allegedly shot Daise in the head three from inside the vehicle. The car stopped when it struck a utility pole.

Larnell then got into the driver’s seat, put the vehicle in reverse and ran over Daise’s body before another motorist used their car to block Kennedy’s car from leaving, police said.

Kennedy then fled on foot toward Interstate 90. As he tried to cross the highway, he was hit by an eastbound vehicle.

Police said they believe that the couple had been together “on-and-off” for four to five years, and that they had separated just before the weekend’s incidents.