This past Friday B dropped her debut album. While the world listens to ‘Invasion Of Privacy,’ Cardi B took her talents, and a little something else to the stages of . While Cardi performed some of her biggest singles from her debut album on SNL, she also visually verified some big news. While we told you yesterday that Cardi was pregnant, she officially confirmed the news last on Saturday Night Live. It’s been a busy few months for Cardi, who has been at the top of the rap game and who is also being accused of stealing a number of tracks for her debut album. We told you about a few of her tracks yesterday, a number of which sound a bit closer to tracks we have heard in the past. 

While we wonder about those specific tracks, we’re excited for Cardi and her future with a little one. Have a look at the official right now and keep it locked for more on Cardi B coming soon.


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