Smallville stars Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack were allegedly members of the Nxivm cult, which branded itself as a self-help group for bigwigs and celebrities, according to The Albany Times-Union.

Kreuk reportedly joined the group in 2005 and recruited Mack shortly after, reported the New York Post. Sources alleged the actresses were used to recruit sex slaves for alleged cult leader Keith Raniere’s subgroup called “The Vow,” in which women were reportedly routinely degraded, blackmailed, and sexually abused. A former publicist for Nxivm claimed the group used underage girls as sex slaves for Raniere, and that the girls were branded with his and Mack’s initials — and that the branding was Mack’s idea.

Raniere was arrested in Mexico in March 2018 for sex trafficking and forced labor, and there is video footage of Mack getting ready to follow police as they leave the property with him.

Kreuk tweeted that she enrolled in a Nxivm course to overcome her shyness, adding, “I left about five years ago and had minimal contact with those still involved. The accusations that I was in the ‘inner circle’ or recruited women as ‘sex slaves’ are blatantly false. During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity.”

Another former member concurred with Kreuk. “For the record, @MsKristinKreuk was never in the inner circle of NXIVM. She never recruited sex slaves and has been out since 2013 before s**t got weird. She is a lovely person who should not be dragged into this mess.”


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