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Celebs who can’t stand Chrissy Teigen


Replying to a tweet wondering why Fox NFL‘s Erin Andrews didn’t press former Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on his decision to stay on the field while being a “physical liability,” Arrow star Katie Cassidy replied, “Seriously, why isn’t she doing her job??” NOT SO BREAKING NEWS: Erin Andrews and Chrissy Teigen are friends. So you can see where this is headed…

“@MzKatieCassidy JOB [noun]: the work a person does regularly to make money,” Teigen ripped into Cassidy. “Alt: what @ErinAndrews has. 2nd alt: What you don’t have. Bye!” Cassidy went on to say that God should bless Andrews, Teigen accused her of trying to be “holy,” and Cassidy replied, saying she always has been. “Own it. I’ll take you seriously when you don’t simultaneously talk s*** and preach the gospel,” Teigen responded

Why was Teigen so upset you may ask? Well, because Cassidy is the ex-girlfriend of Andrew’s husband, former NHL player Jarret Stoll. “Correct… years ago,” Cassidy blasted, dismissing that narrative. “Get over it because the rest of us are.” 

After Teigen served up a “God bless,” Cassidy batted it down with, “I’m sorry u have negativity inside u. Can’t be healthy. 2 be clear, not s*** talking. But interesting u took it that way.”

We don’t know about you, but we don’t see a girl’s trip being in the cards for Teigen, Andrews, and Cassidy anytime soon. Wonder what Richard Sherman thinks about all this? He probably doesn’t.