Marcel, Ross’ pet monkey on Friends, is easily the most famous animal actor on this list. Actually, the most famous two actors, because Marcel was played by Katie and Monkey, two female capuchins who have had incredible Hollywood success since their time with Manhattan’s most improbable group of twentysomethings.

According to BuzzFeed, Katie has gone on to roles in Bruce Almighty and 30 Rock, and even appeared alongside model Kendall Jenner in a spread for Allure. That’s pretty remarkable, considering David Schwimmer, who played Ross, once told EW, “I hate that monkey. I wish it were dead,” which is not a great reference. Schwimmer’s frustration was mostly because the trainers wouldn’t let him “bond” with Katie and Monkey. “It’s a bummer,” he said.

Matthew Perry, who played Chandler, was similarly unkind to Katie and Monkey. In fact, he didn’t even bother to learn their actual gender, or the fact that there were two of them. “The monkey doesn’t know he’s on TV,” Perry told The Morning Call, while lamenting that no matter how good the actors’ takes were, they would always end up having to use the one where Monkey or Katie miraculously did the thing they were supposed to do.

Then Perry got personal. “The monkey also ate live worms,” he said, adding, “And then he’d vomit constantly.” Look, we’re not here to judge anyone, but it’s not like Perry didn’t have his fair share of issues during his time on set. Glass houses, buddy. 


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