The band 5 Seconds Of Summer managed to alienate both their fans and a lot of fellow artists and celebs in just one Rolling Stone interview, and the world hasn’t heard too much of them since.

In the piece, published in December 2015, an admittedly hungover Michael Clifford griped that the American Music Awards, where they’d performed the night before the interview took place, was comprised of “a lot of fake people, which sucks.” He also said that the band went to a party with Justin Bieber at a bar, despite claiming, “I think he hates us.”

Drummer Ashton Irwin then ticked off the band’s almost entirely female fanbase when he whined, “Seventy-five percent of our lives is proving we’re a real band … We don’t want to just be, like, for girls.”

As if all that weren’t enough, Luke Hemmings disgusted both fans and their parents with this eloquent remark: “When you put four young dudes on a tour bus, playing theaters, then arenas, you’re going to have sex with a lot of girls, I guess.” He added, “We had a good time.” 

When asked if they slept with multiple girls in one night and/or at the same time, he smugly responded, “I feel like I shouldn’t say. You could say the possibility of that is high … The possibility is high. The possibilities are endless.”

C’mon, guys. Try harder.


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