Perhaps you heard (approximately six million times), but there was a total eclipse this past Monday.

The Internet went even crazier for it than it went for the last Kim Kardashian nude pictorial, with infrequent users even getting in on the action.

Take the mother of a 21-year old named Sasha who uses the Twitter handle @Junglefushimi, for example.

As documented below, this woman created her first meme in honor of the historic occasion… and she was REALLY proud of it.

She told her daughter she hoped it would go viral, and the Internet was only too happy to oblige!

1. This is the Meme the Mother Made

This is the meme the mother made
We’ve seen far worse. As X-Men franchise fans, we strongly approve.

2. I Made That!

I made that
Think it can go “viral?” That’s what the kids call it, right?

3. Just Call Me… Memer Mom!

Just call me memer mom
Did I really go viral? Hooray!

4. Everyone Loves Memer Mom

Everyone loves memer mom
She’s cute AND helpful.

5. A Plus?

A plus
This is setting the bar a little low. We’d give it a B. Let Memer Mom work for that A.

6. X-Men?

X men
More like excellent mom!

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