Remember that squishy, slimy, gross ball of mush you begged for as a child because literally everyone had it and you would just die if you didn’t have it, too? That stuff was called Gak, and most adults lamented the day in the early ’90s when Nickelodeon began selling these cans of delightfully disgusting green mush. Well, they should have been glad that their kids were into Gak instead of “gak.”

Lots of Nick shows and events liberally employed the use of green slime, including Double Dare. On that show, both on-screen and behind the scenes, that slime was called “gak,” which was a gnarly inside joke, and one that some staffers took straight from the streets. As Double Dare host Marc Summers explained on an episode of the YouTube series Geeking Out, at the time the show was in production, “gak” was a slang term for heroin. Summers says he was well aware of that fact when he called slime “gak” in front of millions of kids, too.


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