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Donald and Melania Trump’s most cringe-worthy moments


Some say Melania is in a cold, loveless marriage, but what if that’s just her personal aesthetic? If you’re going by her Christmas decorations — which Vox described as a “nightmare pulled straight out of a horror movie” — that seems like the case.

The first lady is impossibly chic, even if her style isn’t exactly the epitome of holiday cheer. It’s not totally her fault. She didn’t ask to be stuck in the White House on Christmas. In fact, Melania said she’d most like to spend the holidays “on a deserted island” with her family. With this in mind, it’s not really surprising she chose an elegant, understated palette — a palette that transformed into a hellscape ripped straight from The Forest (that flick where the cursed forest murders literally everyone) once the lights went out.

Melania’s take on Christmas in the White House was a far cry from the Obama’s cozy, classic decorations. Instead of stringing the hallway with garland and warm, twinkling lights, she opted for uplit bushels of stark white branches. The final results garnered her comparisons to the White Witch (that terrifying woman in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe that lures kids into a wintry nightmare) and also the Demogorgon-spawning demon from Stranger Things. Others compared the FLOTUS stoicly watching the various Nutcracker-inspired Ballerinas to Black Swan and The Ring.

I think there’s one thing we can all agree on. It certainly wasn’t tacky.