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Eclipse Overshadows the Nation, Twitter Trolls Donald Trump


For better or much, much, MUCH worse, Donald Trump is an historic President.

Similarly, the total eclipse that overtook Earth on August 21, 2017 was an historic event.

What happens when these two things come together? Social media makes many relevant jokes.

To wit:


Fake news
Go ahead and stare away, #MAGA supporters.

2. Donald, Do NOT Look Directly at the Eclipse

Donald do not look directly at the eclipse
You’re too weak to do it, POTUS. Way too weak.

3. Thanks, Obama…

Thanks obama
… for nothing!

4. Nobody Knew!

Nobody knew
The same number of people knew that health care is difficult to pass.

5. Is That a Dare?

Is that a dare
Make it a Double Dare and you’re on!

6. I Will Do the Opposite!

I will do the opposite
George Constanza tried doing the opposite for one day only. Trump tries to do the opposite of Obama every day of his life.

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