Emmy Winner Dies After Falling Off Balcony on Set of Mr. Rogers Movie

A crew member on the set of Tom Hank‘s upcoming Mr. Rogers movie died after suffering a heart attack and falling off a balcony.

James Emswiller, who won an Emmy in 2015, suffered was taking a smoke break on the balcony when the coronary struck and he stood on the second-story balcony.

Hanks was on set Thursday night in Lebanon, PA when Emswiller fell … during filming of “You Are My Friend,” the Fred Rogers biopic.

James was alone on the deck when other crew members heard what sounded like someone falling from the balcony.

After James hit the ground, a nurse on set tried assisting, apparently to no avail. By the time EMT’s arrived Emswiller was in full cardiac arrest.

James was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital and was pronounced dead 3 hours later.

Emswiller won an Emmy for outstanding sound mixing for a limited series for HBO production of “Bessie.”

James was 61.


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