A woman is claiming that she was up and kidnapped by elders – in the middle of at ‘Potter House Church in Ft Worth Texas. And we have the FOOTAGE of the incident.

The victim, Audrey Stevenson, got into a dispute with some of the church elders – about whether she could stand on stage with Pastor TD Jakes. Aubrey was initially on stage with the legendary pastor, but then two overzealous church elders asked Audrey to go backstage and talk. That’s when things went crazy.

As the below shows, Audrey and the church elders argued – and then one of the elders, a large man, BODY SLAMMED HER AND LAID ON HER.

Audry was eventually placed in handcuffs and physically thrown out of Potter House Church – where she’s called home for many years.

MTO NEWS reached out to TD Jakes for comment, and his representatives refused comment.

Below are pics of Audrey, and the injuries she claims that she suffered during the scuffle.


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