MTO News exclusively learned that a is claiming to have had with . The woman that the two “hooked up” when she was just in the the ninth .

It’s the same girl that XXX was caught on tape PUNCHING in the head.

Fans are comparing him to Tekashi 69. Look at some of the comments:

“you’re a and a statutory rapist. Plus, you let known abusers and rapists on your show. Now it all makes sense as to why. Pedos and abusers gotta stick together, right @6ix9ine and @xxxtentacion? ”

“Same Why Ya Didn’t Want To Bump 6ix9ine Because He’s A Pedophile & XXXtentacion Because He’s A Women Beater.. Is The Same Way I Don’t Want Ya To Listen To Fabolous Anymore Because He Is Now A Women Beater SMH”

“Some of your favorite rappers out here being pedophile’s ( @TEKASHI6IX9lNE ) on camera and/ or punching women in the back of the head (@xxxtentacion ). Go ahead and defend them like they paying your bills tho

“I clicked on the top 50 USA on Spotify and saw like 4 xxxtentacion songs on there and I’m literally disgusted. People spend their day hours asking why we have a sexual abuser in the White House and then listen to pedophiles and rapists at night”

Oh, and she has receipts.


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