J has ANOTHER . His newest soon-to-be ‘s is an Atlanta young woman named Misha.

Misha claims that Stevie slid up in her DMs and they began casually dating a few months ago. That’s when Misha says that she got pregnant.

Although Misha is coming with receipts, even posting a video of herself walking behind the Love & Hip Hop star, some of her followers are still finding it hard to believe that she’s seeing Stevie.

She even went as far as to post a blurred out image of his private parts, with the caption:

“So I guess I’m lying about mr here but let me not talk about how he randomly calls me jacking off and clearly in my messages and liking my lol 😂😂😂 I’ll go away with my lying ass tho always trynna whip that beef cake out .”

We think Misha needs to do a Cardi B and enjoy her pregnancy in silence. Using an unborn baby for a come up is not cute.And as it is, Stevie J is already struggling to pay the baby mamas he already has, so we hope she’s not expecting a huge payout.

People on social media are saying that Misha has a very ODD body shape. We think it’s cute.

Here’s video she posted of her and Stevie:


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