You know how Farrah Abraham is shamelessly plugging vaginal rejuvenation on Instagram?

In addition to questions over why the 26-year-old would possibly need the procedure (leading some to wonder if she might be having incontinence issues), the fact that Farrah was posting about it at all stirred up controversy.

Well, now Farrah’s responded to the backlash, so … brace yourselves.

Farrah Abraham Attends 2017 VMAs

Okay, so as we mentioned, Farrah posted a little video of herself consulting with a conspicuously made up doctor who talked to her about the procedure.

The procedure involves moving a wand of sorts in and out of Farrah’s vagina for several minutes.

This isn’t the first time that Farrah Abraham’s gotten her vagina rejuvenated, folks.

“What this does is distributes little wounds through radio frequency which kind of breaks up the collagen and forces it to restore during that healing process, so everything becomes tighter and you actually experience …”

And then Farrah Abraham, to our cringing horror, says “Like I’m 16 again!”

(Let’s not hold up 16-year-old girls as some sort of sexual ideal, because that is incredibly gross, folks)

Folks on the interwebs did not hold back their thoughts about Farrah, either, even criticizing her in the context of being a mother.

Farrah Abraham Wax Figure

Though the procedure described was not surgical, one follower thought that it set a bad example for Farrah’s 8-year-old.

“My god … poor little Sophia. A mother who ‘loves’ her body so much she altered every bit of it. Great example. I hope Sophia will grow into a strong and independent woman who does not need her ‘mother’ to be around.”

Again, this is not the same as a boob job or a nose job, though there are surgical forms of vaginal rejuvenation.

“Farrah why? I understand you’re a mom and need the procedure for personal reasons but why make it public? Have respect as a mother for your child and for others.”

As we mentioned, though vaginas almost always revert to their previous size after childbirth, the treatment that Farrah received could be used to attempt to treat postpartum incontinence.

Another was perplexed why a woman Farrah’s age would need any sort of “rejuvenation.”

“Aren’t you like 25? Why do you need this?”

Farrah is 26, but that is “like 25” and the question remains reasonable.

Farrah Abraham Walking the Street

But Farrah spoke out against the controversy that she herself created with her posts.

“My lady parts are happy.”

How nice for them?

“I don’t know. I just like to share things, especially if it’s good and health related and I don’t know. Today though it’s just about fashion, Sophia and I’m just proud of this little baby boss.”

Before she deflects to her daughter (yeah, we saw that), Farrah explains what looks like a clear advertisement as part of her fondness for sharing things.

One, it was probably an ad. Two, it seems like she loves negative attention.

“I think it’s just best to ignore negativity and only welcome positivity in your life and I think that shows for Sophia and hopefully myself over the years and I’m just really happy about that.”

That sounds like a positive message.

If you’re thinking that Farrah sounds like a great mom, though, remember that she admitted to forgetting Sophia in a store. Which is difficult to imagine.

“I would say I do that by complimenting her and making sure she feels secure — whether it’s with her eyebrows or whatever it may be.”

Didn’t Farrah pluck and wax her daughter’s unibrow when Sophia was still preschool aged? If Sophia has insecurities about her eyebrows, we think that we can identify their source.

Farrah Abraham in Jamaica

Now, there’s a lot to criticize about Farrah that’s totally fair game.

But, though nobody wants to hear about it, she can alter her flesh prison as much as she likes.

If we want to have choice words about Farrah Abraham, we can talk about how obnoxious she can be.

Or about how she sets feminism back by another year every time that she tries to mask her Lena Dunham-like quest for negative attention by wrapping it in the flag of female empowerment.

Or, better yet, you can raise hell about Farrah Abraham’s disgusting and racist antics on reality television.

What she does with her vagina, though, is pretty much up to her.


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