Thanks to cell phone footage obtained by — who else? — Frank Parlato, Mack was exposed to the world as being present when the Mexican authorities dragged the guru away. TMZ ran the story along with Parlato’s footage (embedded above), and wrote that Mack “is believed to be second-in-command to Raniere.”

Parlato also published the video footage on Art Voice, along with the identities of three other women who were supposedly present, and who, as Parlato phrased it, “gather to chase after the car that arrested Keith Raniere.” (The women can be heard on the video saying, “We’re going to follow.”) This story was then picked up by The Daily Mail, who cited an unnamed local Mexican “authority” who claims the women then engaged in a high-speed car chase with police.

And that’s how a tabloid story is born. So, to circle back around to the original question: How did these Smallville stars get lured into a cult? The same way anyone with a garage full of unsold vitamins or a phobia of public speaking could have. Only it seems this Tony Robbins wannabe had darker motivations, which Kreuk apparently sensed, and to which Mack perhaps fell victim to, and possibly even fostered. Regardless of why the famous folk got involved, the real story here is the victims, for whom hopefully justice will be served. 


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