Tila Tequila’s career wasn’t in the toilet yet when she performed at the Gathering of the Juggalos in 2010. The only problem was that concert goers didn’t get the memo. Though organizers of the festival reportedly warned the Shot at Love star that it would be dangerous to perform, she took the stage anyway to play rap songs from her upcoming album. The end result was terrifying.

Concert goers started pelting the singer with rocks, bottles and human feces. She eventually took off her shirt, which festival organizers believe was “mock[ing] and antagonizing the crowd.” She later tweeted (via CNN),”If your face was drippin’ in blood, and your shirt was smeared in human feces and p**s, umm I’m pretty sure you would take ur dam top off too!”

Tequila was eventually pulled off the stage by security then chased by a mob of hundreds of Juggalos. She made it to her trailer, but the mob smashed the trailer’s windows and tried to flip the structure over while she was still inside. She escaped in her sports utility vehicle, which also had its windows smashed.

According to the Tequila, she had to get stitches on her face after the incident, and her body was covered in bruises.  

“The only dumb thing I admit to doing, was actually showing the Juggalos LOVE. Which they know nothing about,” she tweeted (via CNN).

This was one of the last times Tequila would ever take the stage.


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