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Iggy Azalea Goes FULL THOT . . . Leaks Nekkid Pics On Social Media!!


‘s latest attempt at career revival is getting more and more X-rated. For moths she’s been posting sexier and sexier online – in hopes to generate buzz.

And last night she went -TLE. Iggy leaked her own nudes – under the guise of releasing some “fashion” pics.

Just two years ago, Iggy was one of the hottest acts in the world. But now – she’s all washed up. And all her stunts are failing.

In January, Iggy tried to generate buzz by staging a fake “relationship” with rapper Tyga. The press quickly saw through her fake relationship – and the stunt backfired on her.

Here’s what she’s doing now:

Here are the images:

First Pic

Second Pic

And here are some other pics of her in a VERY revealing bikini:

Here’s the First Pic

Here’s the Second pic

Here’s the Third Pic