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It Appears That Cardi B COPIED Every Song . . . On Her ENTIRE ALBUM!! (Karaoke Cardi Strikes AGAIN)


B released her PRIVACY yesterday, and according to reports – she to have almost EVERY on the album.

Track 1 is called Get Up 10. According to folks online is is a copy of Meek Mill – Dreams & Nightmare (Intro)

Track 2 is called Drip. According to folks online it is a copy of Drip with Migos and Gucci

Track 9 is called Moneybag. According to folks online it is a copy of Jarren Benton – Money

Track 10 is Bartier Cardii. Some claim that it is a copy of Tommy Genesis

Track 11 – She Bad. Many are claiming that it’s a copy off of Meek Mill – The Difference

Track 13 I Do. Some fans are saying that the ghostwriters got Cardi sounding like French Montana and Sza sounding like 070Shake