If you follow the various members of the Duggar family on Instagram, you know there’s not much they can do that won’t ignite some sort of controversy.

The daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle aren’t permitted to use social media until after they’re engaged, so the amount of negativity they receive online must come as something of a rude awakening.

Jinger Duggar Weight Loss Photo

To be fair, there are many times when the trash-talk is well deserved, such as when Jill Duggar solicited donations from fans in order to fund her travels to Central America, even though she’s not a licensed missionary and comes from a wealthy family.

But there are just as many occasions in which the hate is complelely unwarranted.

Take the constant scrutiny of every photo that Jinger Duggar posts.

For every fan that applauds Jinger for wearing pants in open defiance of her parents’ archaic dress code, there are just as many body-shaming her or otherwise putting her down.

In recent months, many of the comments have surrounded the rumors that Jinger is pregnant with her first child.

With her latest photo, however, fans are obsessing over Jinger’s body for a very different reason.

Jinger Duggar Weight Loss Photo

Jinger posted the above photo of herself with husband Jeremy Vuolo earlier this week.

Fans immediately pounced on what they claimed is evidence of Jinger losing a dangerous amount of weight.

Frankly, we don’t see it at all, but fans were predictably ruthless in their admonitions.

One user aptly pointed out that if Jinger is rapidly losing weight, it may have something to do with the constant pregnancy talk she’s subjected to.

“Maybe the poor girl feels insecure about her weight since so many people say that she’s preggo,” the commenter wrote.

“How would you feel if people told you that [you looked pregnant] and you weren’t? You’d probably think, ‘Wow, am I so fat that people always see a baby bump? Maybe I need to lose some weight.’”

Jinger Duggar in Nike

It’s a valid point.

Of course, this is the internet in 2017, so the valid point was ignored, and the angry mob proceeded with their outrage.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a whole lot to dislike about the Duggar family.

But when young women are being told they look both too fat and too skinny in the space of a single week, it says more about our society than it does about their photos.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


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