The Joker has long been an iconic character in the Batman universe, so it comes as no surprise that fans are not impressed with the news that an origins movie is in development. 

On top of that, Hangover director Todd Philips is attached to co-writer and may even direct the flick. 

There is lots of skepticism when a bold move like this is announced, but the reactions so far seem very one-sided, and it will be a miracle if the film even gets made. 

Have a look below at the best internet reactions…

1. Trashing Everything In Sight

Joker movie reaction 1
Would nerds really go as far as trashing everything in sight? It would not be surprising.

2. Recycled Materials

Joker movie reaction 2
Would the budget really be so bad that Todd would use an old clown costume for the character?

3. Good Treatment

Joker movie reaction 3
Fans sure like to know that their favorite characters are treated well.

4. Heath Ledger FTW

Joker movie reaction 4
Heath Ledger’s performance is hands down the best iteration of the character.

5. Let’s Not Root For Him

Joker movie reaction 5
People prefer the Joker as a character who is not to be rooted for.

6. No Origins Movie, Please!

Joker movie reaction 6
Is it best to just let the origins idea die? We think so!

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