The Teen Mom 2 shenanigans never seem to end, either on the show or in real time.

Briana and Luis are still having their issues. Jenelle Evans’ relationship with her mother is worse than ever, if you can imagine that.

And Kailyn Lowry still hasn’t named her newborn baby … but now, at least, she’s given the world a close-up look at his adorable little face!

Kailyn Lowry and Sons

Kailyn Mowry’s ongoing struggle and very complicated relationship with Javi Marroquin, father of one of her sons — Lincoln — has taken center stage recently on the show.

Last season, Javi returned from deployment, saw that Kailyn had moved on, and — for unfathomable reasons — apparently snuck into her home to snoop around.

(That is so alarming on so many levels, and not just because he scared the bajeezus out of Isaac in the process)

Kailyn took note of that creepiness, and later took out a protective order against Javi when she wasn’t sure what he’d do in his anger when she became pregnant.

Now, recently, Kailyn was willing to let bygones be bygones, up to a point.

She dropped the protective order against Javi Marroquin … so that they could both attend their son’s soccer matches.

Super nice of her — some would say, too nice.

If you’ve read our latest Teen Mom 2 recap, you know that things are still contentious between them.

So that particular baby daddy drama is a whole thing in Kailyn’s life.

But nobody forgot that she was pregnant with this little guy, and not just because Kailyn described it as a high risk pregnancy.

And now she’s finally showing off a close-up of his precious, sleeping face.

Kailyn Lowry, Baby Lo

He’s so cute!

Now, as far as we know, Kailyn still hasn’t given him a name.

Like, she talked about being indecisive about it months ago, and that was fine.

At this point … what does his birth certificate even say?

(Sorry, but I’m the type of person who wants to consider everything but who is pretty uncomfortable before a decision is made, and I can’t imagine somebody having most of a year to pick a name and still not having made up their mind, days after giving birth)

Kailyn has been referring to him as “Baby Lo,” a reference to the boy’s father, Chris Lopez.

Which is very sweet, but … not a name.

Kailyn at School

Kailyn captioned the baby photo: “He’s so perfect.”

She followed that with an emoji of two hearts overlapping.

“Baby Lo” is ridiculously cute, but most of us can’t begin to imagine the oxytocin rush that a mother who’s only just given birth is still feeling every time that she looks at her baby’s face.

But, biased or not, she’s not wrong.

Kailyn Lowry Breastfeeds

Kailyn now has three babies with three different baby-daddies, which is more complicated and potentially overwhelming than any mother needs.

Let alone one who started off as a pregnant teenager.

Three children is a lot to have at 25, especially with the added complications of wrangling baby daddies and, oh by the way, being a reality star.

Given all of that, we can almost understand why Kailyn would be too overwhelmed to name her third child.



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