Wilkinson’s family feud with her mother, Patti, affected her already fragile marriage to Baskett. In June, 2017, Patti decided it would be a great idea for Patti to write a tell-all book about Wilkinson and Baskett’s marriage and cheating scandal. Wilkinson knew about her mom’s ambition but was reluctant to tell Baskett about it.

“Kendra keeping this from me destroys any hope of me and Patty reconciling,” Baskett says in a Kendra On Top confessional (via Radar Online). He confronts his wife, asking, “Why in the hell haven’t you told me that your mom’s writing a book?”

Wilkinson replies, “It’s not that I didn’t want you to know about the book because I did. But Hank, you don’t know what’s going on inside me right now. I want things to be okay with my mom. So me being able to say that it’s possible to reconcile with my mom is huge.”

Wilkinson then confronts Patti, telling her (via Radar Online), “You can have your family back or you can write this book!” 

Patti didn’t back down, telling her daughter that “the truth hurts.” Apparently, it also pays. Patti reportedly bought a BMW with her $10,000 book advance. She also ambushed Baskett at the couple’s home, asking why he doesn’t trust her, but he refused to give her more tabloid and book ammo.


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