Kardashian’s whirlwind romance with Thompson hit a major roadblock in April 2018 when TMZ and the Daily Mail simultaneously broke the story of Thompson’s alleged cheating. Multiple videos emerged of the NBA star allegedly making out with a woman in an NYC club, then returning with her to his hotel room.

The backdrop for the alleged cheating is all the more shattering, considering Kardashian had previously declared 2017 “one of the best years of my life” and was just weeks away from delivering her first child, whom she conceived with Thompson.

Though she hasn’t spoken publicly about the allegations, as of this writing, sources told People that Kardashian has been on “an emotional rollercoaster” since the scandal broke. She allegedly gave Thompson “the benefit of the doubt” that perhaps this was all “a set-up,” but as more and more details emerged, the public humiliation has become too much to bear.

We can’t be sure how Kardashian will react, especially now that a newborn child is involved in the situation, but we know from previous statements she’s made that she does not take cheating lightly.

In their 2010 book, Kardashian Konfidential, the sister co-authors declared cheating to be “unacceptable.” In her own less specific thoughts on infidelity, Khloé wrote in Strong Looks Better Naked that “every relationship involves risk and uncertainty, but you can minimize it with honesty.” She added, “Honesty is a good way to put your cards on the table and to look out for yourself. And if you aren’t looking out for yourself, who is?” 

Good question, Khloé. 



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