Kourtney Kardashian Spotted On Date W/ New Black Man!!

was spotted out on a date last night in West Hollywood, with a tall and handsome African American man. Kourtney is the only one of her sisters, who is not currently in a relationship with a Black man.

Kendall is dating NBAs Ben Simmons, Kim has Kanye, Khloe has Tristan, and Kylie has Travis.

Even her mother Kris is in a relationship with a Black man (with Cory Gamble, of course).. Kourtney had been the sole Kardashian hold out for all these years.

Well it now looks like Kourtney finally went “Black” just like the other Kardashian women.

She was spotted looking very cozy with the gentleman photo’d below. They went inside a popular L.A. restaurant together, and came out smiling.


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