A website is claiming to have images of . . . in a compromising position.

The website claims that they obtained the images many, many years ago. And that the images were taken inside a Las Vegas hotel.

The images posted by the site a man and a woman engaged in some UNUSUAL s*xual activity. In one image, the man appears to be over — and the woman is doing SOMETHING to his backside.

The images also do NOT show the males face — so it’s not clear whether the man is, in fact, the Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya.

But the website still posted the images in light of a recent report that claimed Oscar De La Hoya was being extorted by two women – who claimed to have explicit and video of the boxing legend. 

Here is the first alleged image

Here is the second alleged image

Just yesterday we reported that a group of Instagram THOTS were extorting 45-year-old former boxing superstar Oscar De La Hoya, with some graphic tapes. The two thotties partied with Oscar, got him DRUNK (and possibly high) and then took a video of him. The Daily Mail suggested that the women were sticking kitchen utensils up Oscar’s butt in the video. The two women reportedly contacted him a few weeks later, demanding $2 million in exchange to keep the footage private.

It seems like De La Hoya can’t catch a break right now. 


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