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Live performance wardrobe malfunctions you can’t unsee


It seems like about 99.9 percent of celebrity wardrobe malfunctions afflict women. That makes sense, considering ladies tend to wear decidedly more interesting and complicated stage-wear than male performers. Female performers have to contend with flowing dresses, short skirts, straps, hooks, and high-heeled shoes, all of which are potential disasters waiting to happen. Men? Well, they often just wear, like, pants. But those can and do fail, particularly if the celebrity has the swagger and physique to rock the trickiest and most troublesome type of trouser: the leather pant. 

Lenny Kravitz is probably the only dude in his fifties that can justify wearing leather pants, because not only is he a quintessential rock star, but he’s still somehow about the coolest and best-looking dude on the planet. But he, and leather pants, remain subject to the vagaries of physics. While playing a gig at an amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015, Kravitz was really going for it with some sweet guitar licks, gyrating about the stage and whatnot, when his pants failed him, ripped down the middle, and exposed his genitals to the crowd. (You just can’t wear underwear with leather pants—visible pantylines are a no-no.)