If you watch Teen Mom: OG online, you’re probably aware that Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are currently offering up enough drama to sustain their own spinoff.

After just two months of marriage, Ryan and Mackenzie are reportedly on the brink of divorce, and it’s not hard to see why.

Here’s a brief recap of what brought them to this point:

Ryan Edwards, Mackenzie Standifer Photo

Things got off to a rocky start when Ryan drove to his own wedding so high on prescription painkillers that he could barely keep his eyes open.

Edwards went to rehab shortly thereafter, but while his health may have improved, his marriage is still in rocky territory.

Earlier this month, rumors of Edwards cheating on Standifer began to circulate online.

Shortly thereafter, receipts were presented in the form of screenshots from a 19-year-old from whom Edwards had allegedly tried to elicit sex.

Several media outlets have reported that Mackenzie has kicked Ryan to the curb and has zero regrets about it.

Mackenzie Edwards

Now, however, Edwards is setting the record straight.

In a new interview with Radar Online, Mackenzie says reports of the demise of her marriage have been greatly exaggerated.

“Ryan has not moved out,” she told the site. “Those are not our plans.”

Edwards also spoke to Radar, and he was equally dismissive in his remarks:

“I’m married. Get [the] f–k out of here with that dumb sh-t,” Edwards said.

So we guess that’s that?

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Pic

For the time being, at least, it seems that Ryan and Mackenzie are sticking it out.

That doesn’t mean their marriage is long for this world, of course.

Edwards has reportedly been successful in fighting his addiction, but at this point, he sobriety remains in an extremely fragile state.

And the constant drama surrounding his love life probably isn’t helping.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t one of those situations where the tabloid press is making up wild rumors about Ryan breaking his 2-month-old vows.

We’ve actually seen the screen shots of Standifer confronting Edwards’ cheating partner.

Ryan Edwards, Mackenzie Standifer

The ugly drama really went down.

Mackenzie and Ryan are really in the thick of it.

Remarkably, they’re attempting to ride it out.

We wish them the best, but it’s tough to be optimistic in this case.


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