Mahershala Ali Is One Of The FEW Actors That Doesn’t Cheat On Wife!!

A Hollywood insider tells MTO News, that ‘ Is One Of The FEW Actors That Doesn’t Cheat On Wife’

If you needed another reason to like actor Actor Mahershala Ali – here’s one, he doesn’t cheat on his wife.

MTO News spoke with a top Hollywood insider who claims that Mahershala is one of the few Hollywood male stars who doesn’t cheat. The insider explained, “Mahershala is a sweetheart, he doesn’t cheat and that’s rare [in Hollywood]. Women throw themselves at him and he curves everyone.”

Mahershala is married to his gorgeous wife Amatus Sami-Karim, who has supported him since before the fame.

And he’s got a ton of great things on the horizon. He’s up for another Oscar in a few weeks, and he’s starring in the new season of HBO’s True Detective. He’s also starring in the 2019 big budget blockbuster Alita: Battle Angel.

Mahershala already won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar last year, and that springboard him into international stardom.

Here’s him and wife Amatus at the True Detective premiere yesterday.

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