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Man Is BRAGGING On Twitter . . . That He Got His OWN SISTER . . . Pregnant!! (Anything For FAME)


A 28-year-old Texas went on and claimed that he’s having a love affair with his “.”

In the social media post, the man whose Twitter handle is @Gurujeremy2, said, “Me and my sister have a love that goes beyond the legal system. Some call it incest, we call it fate.”

According to the man, their parents don’t know about the relationship “yet.” But he appeared happy to be welcoming the obviously female child, whom he addressed as “child/niece,” underscoring the would-be parents’ unconventional relationship.

As you can imagine, this relationship – if true – is NOT legal in Texas. Penal Code Sextion 25.02 provides that there is a prohibition against incest, even among consenting adults.

Their relationship (if true) amounts to a 3d-degree felonies punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

See Guru Jeremy’s self-incriminating tweets:

Here is the first tweet – including pics

Here is the second tweet – also with pic

Here is the third tweet