McKayla Maroney won America’s admiration with her spectacular gymnastic skills at the 2012 Olympics, winning an team Gold and an individual Silver medal.

Her adorable reaction to being awarded a Silver medal went viral, and won hearts all over the world.

These days, she’s older and she’s not shy about showing off her amazing body, as these new photos make very clear.

McKayla is Not Impressed!

We cannot emphasize enough how much McKayla’s famous and very distinctive reaction of disappointment has overshadowed everything else about her in terms of how the public views her.

It’s hard to imagine someone taking a selfie with her without them both doing the “not impressed” face.

Hell, when President Obama met McKayla Maroney, the two took a photo together where they were both making that facial expression.


The second place belt at the trivia night that I attend is just called the “Maroney.” It also has a large photo of McKayla Maroney, front and center.

She’s a household name in a way that very few Olympic athletes ever are.

She’s also just … all kinds of hot these days, as you can see here:

McKayla Maroney, Cleavage


McKayla shared a series of three photos via her Instagram story.

(Instagram stories, if you’ll recall, are said to be basically just Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to destroy Snapchat since they refused to let him buy them)

You can see her knee emerging from the rips in her jeans (she has those rips on both sides).

In case you’re wondering what that red stuff is around her hair, that’s a filter that’s giving her a crown of hearts.

Understandably, that might not be what people first notice about this image.

Clearly McKayla isn’t feeling shy about baring her cleavage.

And there’s no reason for her to be, because she’s a shockingly gorgeous young woman.

There have been some McKayla Maroney boob job rumors over the years, but … those just look like natural breasts to us, folks.

McKayla Maroney, Heart Crown

Some people might be wondering why they didn’t notice how hot McKayla Maroney was back in 2012, when every camera was on her.

The answer is because she was sixteen, you guys.


She turns twenty-two later this year (December 9th, almost one month after Taylor Swift’s new album comes out).

Her youth has come up before, if you’ll recall.

It’s not that 16 is an unusual age to be an Olympic gymnast — it’s basically standard, right?

But some awful person hacked McKayla Maroney’s nudes.

That’s terrible enough on its own.

(No one deserves to have their intimate photos stolen, and no one is “asking for it” by having those photos in their possession or by having taken them in the first place)

It wasn’t until later that we learned that McKayla Maroney was underage in those pics, which makes a bad situation worse.

McKayla Maroney Lounges

But we’re glad that McKayla hasn’t been so scarred by the experience of having her nude photos leak that she wants to retreat from being a public figure.

Or even just shy away from taking alluring photos.

Not for our sake (though the world enjoys her pictures), but for hers.

She deserves to get to live her life, unobstructed by unwelcome opinions or fear at being hacked again.

And if she wants to post thirst traps, she’s welcome to do so.


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