learned that DJ E FEEZY @djefeezy who is a DJ and will be an extra on “ and Hiphop Miami” was just for felony strangulation of one his 5 year secret girlfriend, Kylie Williams, and he also has a restraining order out against him from ANOTHER that he tried to attack back in October.
The reason he attacked them is that they both exposed him to his now ex- fiancé, Aisha Thalia, and it caused her to leave him.
Here’s his fiance:
Kylie just posted the whole story today.
The long term side chick (her IG is @KylieWilliams10) first posted on November 20 that she was finally done with him “after 5 long years” and his fiancé apparently had no idea about her until she saw that post.
Here’s the side chick:
Allegedly he snapped when he realized Kylie blasted him on Instagram and choked her out saying he would kill her.
But here’s the real tea…he has a pattern of violence! Just a few months ago he had also tried to physically attack his other side chick (a bottle waitress at the club he worked in) for telling his fiancé the tea about them and now the bottle girl has a restraining order out against him too. This is not the first or second time he’s attacked a woman.