MTO EXCLUSIVE: Issa Rae Just REJECTED Drake . . . . Claims She CURVED HIM . . . Because She Didn’t Want To Be ‘USED LIKE SOME THOT’!!


: Breaking news y’all hard . . . at the Golden Globes party earlier this week.

Here’s what E! News is reporting:

Drake might have his sights set on romancing Issa Rae, according to eyewitness who caught them interacting after the 2018 Golden Globes.

The Insecure star attended Sunday night’s ceremony as a Best Actress nominee, but on her way from one after-party we’re told she was approached by Champagne Papi himself, who wanted Issa to stop by the Netflix bash he was DJing.

One source says when Drake spotted Issa, he “made his whole group stop so he could go talk to her.” After “he asked her if she wanted to come to the Netflix party with him,” the insider says the actress told Drake “she was with all her friends,” and was like, “‘Thanks, but no thanks!’” The sources says Issa “walked away” and Drake essentially “got denied.”

And t gets better. In the comments on Issa’s page, one of her friends said that Issa didn’t want to be “used like some ”.

Good for her.

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