: A very sad story is being shared on Facebook, from a who that his mothers are trying to AWAY his for . According to him, the arents are “”, an dthey are trying to to use a “fales” sexual assault claim – to get the child taken away from him.


Here’s what he wrote:

Never had a reason to hide this but with everything going on I had to come correct… Ms. Allison Gilbert, and I dated happily for 2 years while away from our parents at college; and just my luck with a friendly reminder of the world we live in her parents are RACIST!!

They refused to ever meet me and after they found out we were in love they demanded she break up with me & threatened us saying it would be consequences if she continued to disobey them; I wasn’t worried because Allison begged me to stay and give her time to fix it and our relationship took its course.

Eventually we found out she was pregnant and things were about to hit the fan; we planned a life together for our new little one and prayed for understanding from her ridiculous parents Todd (CURRENTLY WORKS IN US SECRET SERVICE) and Dana Gilbert.. which wasn’t the case at all.. they took her back to virginia and turned off her phone and deleted her social media..

I haven’t talked to my baby alli since August 2017 when her mother texted me from her phone saying I’ll never have contact with her again while she was 5 months pregnant, blah blah yall remember.. fast forward a few months I get this letter in the mail saying they are giving the child up for adoption as a result of sexual assult..


But in the good grace of God my child can’t be adopted off without my consent in which I already registered my fatherly rights in August when her parents took her outta my life.

Now, Todd & Dana Gilbert let’s see yall prove this lie in court against my two years of evidence.. PLOT TWIST: This black father will be a great father; and best believe when I get my daughter I will have a court order to keep my baby girl safe & far away from her racist grandparents.. #GodsSon #TRUthHurts #TruStory #EqualityWillLiveOn #WhereIsMyChild #WhereIsAlli #FreeMyLove

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