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MTO EXCLUSIVE: The MOTORSPORTS Video Just Leaked . . . And Nicki And Cardi B . . . REFUSED TO BE ON SET TOGETHER!! (Inside Tea)


: The Minaj-Migos- B track is planning on officially RELEASING its later today. But MediaTakeOut.com got some clips from it.

And the leaked clips CONFIRM what we heard about the video.

According to insiders Nicki and Cardi did NOT FILM THE VIDEO together. Actually, they didn’t come within 3,000 miles of each other.

Our insider explained, “Cardi filmed her part in Atlanta. Nicki filmed her part in Los Angeles. Nicki made it clear that she wanted to be ‘nowhere near that b*tch’. Those are Nicki’s words not mine.”

Dang Nikci, can’t we all just get along.

Here’s the video of Cardi’s part – which was filmed in Atlanta:


And here’s Nicki’s part, filmedi n Los Angeles:



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